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We learn English words (2000 most common). Watch all the playlist

It’s a very good english speaking practice (you can repeat all these English words, phrases and sentences – or as it sometimes called – english talking practice) -we focus on most useful English words and it also has other names – most coomon, most frequent, most popular or also most commonly used English words. It’s very important to know them as it can help speak English fluently. We focus on English speaking. Different examples are given. We learn most important English words

This english lesson is for different lesson. First, most popular English words (or most commonly usede / frequent) English words are given. The creator offers his own list of words for diferent levels – beginner, elemtry and pre-intermedtiare (English words 1 – 1000). Then more difficult English words and phrases are given (for intermediate and upper-intermedite level). You can see this English text and listen to it at the same time (it’s like learning English words with subtitels. The first 100 English words in this video are really important for beginner. This video represents a mixture of both British and American English. We learn all English words you might need.


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