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10 More Things You Missed In Spider-Man: Far From Home –

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe there is no shortage of excellent Easter Eggs, hidden comic book references, and inside jokes and the movie Spider-Man Far From Home is no exception! So let’s go over the film and point out some details you might not have noticed on your first watch through. Of course we were all excited to see Peter Parker confessing his feelings to MJ but one line of dialogue may have provided a huge hint to a major plot point. And if you thought Night Monkey was too crazy to be believable, well, we’ll introduce you to a very special graphic novel. We’ll also talk about Dmitri Smerdykov and how he’s related to one of our all-time favorite entries in Spider-Man’s rogue gallery.

Although we haven’t seen him in the MCU, there were a couple of touching tributes to the lates Uncle Ben Parker in the movie. And while Aunt May has moved on with Happy Hogan we also spotted another notable movie couple, Talos and his wife Soren from Captain Marvel! We’ll also talk about what happened to Nick Fury and Maria Hill and why Tahiti is such a magical place.

After we go over our share of the little movie moments we enjoyed be sure to let us know which one was your favorite and if there were any we missed in the comment section below. Before you go make sure to click on the subscribe button to get access to all of the latest and greatest videos from us here at ScreenRant.

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