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today we will discuss about 403 Forbidden error or say Forbidden error

Currently i meet with people who are facing this issue many times so lets see

How can we solve this :

1 First you have to check whether you uploaded the website contents in the root folder or Public_HTML folder

2 If you uploaded the files in the root folder then make sure your homepage index.php or index.html starts with small alphabetical

like small i , as Linux is case sensitive it will fetch files only start with small letters

For Example : index.html or index.php instead of Index.html or Index.php

3 If Above two solutions already done then check the root folder permissions hat must be 750 or 755 . Mine work with 750

4 If still getting error then check the .htacess coding rename the htaccess file and issue will be solve.

These are the solutions for 403 forbidden error and there is no any other reason or that .

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Ankush khunte

March 27, 2020

what to do for Android?


Mehedi Hassan

March 27, 2020



Raed Ogaili

March 27, 2020

Thank you very much


Sadia Ali

March 27, 2020

you are guiding and helping amazingly , so nice of you. related cpanel these kind of small errors very irritating . great job


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