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Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast was one of the first video games I ever played, and it still remains to this day one of my all time favourite games! I’m actually super excited to let’s play this, after having not played it for at least 7 or so years. If you haven’t played this game I HIGHLY encourage you to play it. Buying a couple of free copies of this game for you dudes, that’s how much you NEED to play this 🙂

I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks along the way here on how to get this game working with modern resolutions/hardware, and how to adjust settings etc. to get the best look out of JK2. Simple vs volumetric shadows comparision at the start of the vid.

Get JK2 working in a modern resolution:

JK2 Console Commands:

Jedi Knight Discord:


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April 17, 2020




April 17, 2020

I dont realy want the game, but I have always loved Starwars because my dad was soooo into the trilogy. And somehow I just loved everything ever since he showed the movies to me. And now that im listening to the video of you playing the game gets me soooo excited ^_^. And now I want it too. Mostly for my dad of course. And welcome back to Youtube. (Hoppes for some more Rimworld plz) PS. sorry for my chattering XD


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