A required CD DVD device driver is missing. Windows 7 USB flash installation error. How to fix it. There are many ways to fix this CD DVD driver missing problem. The first thing you must check is the USB port. If your computer has usb2 and usb3, please connect the USB flash on USB2 port. Just try by connecting to all different USB ports. If this method fails, try to download the chipset driver from this given link and copy to your windows flash drive. When error pops up, browse for the downloaded files in the USB drive. One other method is by using bootable DVD drive and booting from internal DVD Drive.

While installing Microsoft Windows 7 using USB bootable disk or even old versions of operating systems, you may get an error message showing ‘A Required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing’. How to get rid of this problem and install windows properly?
Fix 1: Just Unplug the USB Disk Drive and Plug it again. In some situations, it will fix the problem without doing anything else.
Fix2: Here you can download the latest chipset devices driver and copy to a USB flash drive ( you can copy to the same bootable flash too). At the time you get the error ‘A required cd DVD device driver is missing’, you can browse to these downloaded chipset files and complete your Windows 7 installation without any errors..
(If these files are not helping you, you can check your laptop model/Motherboard model number and check manufacturer’s website to download the f6flpy-x86 or f6flpy-x64 files and copy extracted files to your USB Flash drive)

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