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Convert your PDF to Word (doc), Excel(xls), HTML and more with the Able2Extract PDF Converter. Get quick and accurate transfers of native PDFs into formatted MS Excel spreadsheets and editable MS Word documents for editing, analysis and general reversioning. Conversion from PDF to PowerPoint (.ppt), AutoCAD (.dwg), and Publisher (.pub).

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May 19, 2020

This seems like propaganda video. Real factors of converting are not covered. So lets try to be more specific:

– how does it converts?

1. Is it OCR based conversion like Acrobat does? This is very important because there is no OCR manipulation there, as you can see in pro OCR tools like Abbyy or Omnipage that not all OCR reading is accurate!

2. In converted word file option to show hidden characters is OFF. By showing us hidden characters we can see how good this conversion is. For example: if you manually copy text from Acrobat to word, every line of texts in paragraph will be converted to new paragraph! This creates huge mess. So question remains does this software recognize actual paragraphs and use ^l (line) separation of lines or ^p (paragraph) separation?

3. Does it creates textbox areas ever? We have seen in video that is using Tabs to push text far right, which is not always good. If it does, which text warping options does it use? If it uses in line with text warp than "unlocking textbox or pic" and adjusting it will be very painful.

4. Same as 3. – how does it format pictures – or what warping options it uses? If it uses in front of text warp, than it creates whole bunch of paragraphs, which means it does not recognize line spacing properly.

5. How does it creates Word stiles – as we know PDF has separate character and paragraph styles, so converter has to use some strategy to create Word compatible styles.

6. What are options in reconstruction if there are some missing fonts?


Those are real questions that give answer does this software works properly, and than, after we know how good it is, we can argue its pricing…



May 19, 2020

100 bucks but there are free websites that do this too in which case this is way overpriced


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