I started painting a few of my shoes with a supply of Angelus paints I bought after being inspired by watching youtube folks like davidgotkicks and sneakerheadinthebay. I offered to paint my good friend’s NMDs for her while visiting her and her family in SoCal if she let me make a video for it. Luckily, they came out dope! The tiffany or “gift box blue” ones at the end are my own, which in turn inspired the salmoNMD.

I’m obviously not a pro and I don’t have any other technique or advice other than to “take it slow” and “try not to mess up a lot”. And just in case you’re wondering, i’m not for hire. Thanks for watching tho!

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Music – “Make a New Dance Up” – by Hey Ocean

Filmed on Panasonic Lumix LX10 and iPhone 7plus.

Nguồn: https://madisonrep.org

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