With the launch of the Adidas #Adicolor collection, I was given a tracksuit, but was told to get creative. With no budget, and a lot of ideas, we decided to make our own Adidas ad like the original campaigns. We wanted it to feel real, so let us know what you think! This is how we did it…

This video was largely inspired by Yes Theory and their philosophy that we should seek discomfort. I wanted to do something so out of the box for myself, and I love the result. I hope you do to! You should check out their channel, they are amazing:

This video was made in partnership with Footlocker Canada and Adidas Canada. I was neither paid, nor given budget to create this as this was my first time being involved with both brands. I was given a tracksuit and had the choice of how I wanted to use it. In this sense, I wanted to really show my skills and hopefully bring something new to the table!


Shoutouts to @Patrickwarpath and @aidan from District 28 Studios for helping us use the space for a few minutes!


Filmed on:
Sony A7rii
Panasonic GH4 and GH5
12-35 mm
Final Cut

Nguồn: https://madisonrep.org

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