After tweaking my Multi Map Level plugin to work better with the pixel-movement and the ABS, it was time to play with gravity and grow some wings. For some reason this music reminds me of Duke Nukem 3D, and maybe that’s why I started picturing jetpacks and shooting things…

Flying and Not-flying have different actions available. The former has the two basic slash attacks but not the twirl, a special move firing orbs around the player, and launch/dive actions for controlling the Z position. The latter has jumping, dashing and the piercing attack.
The same applies when having the fireball equipped, although the special attack while flying seems to take priority over the special attack with the fireballs.

In case I ever want to do something like “diving” or “underwater” battles, it wouldn’t be too hard (I hope xD).

It is kinda hard to aim, specially since you have to be on the same Z level (Integer part) to hit something. The shadows help a bit but maybe not enough. I guess I’ll have to build a collision system around the Z-plugin…


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