QOTD: How do you play Yang Zing?! What combos do you like to pull with this archetype?!

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Hey Duel Champions! What’s going on?! It’s Champion DarkBlaze here and in today’s deck profile we’ll be taking a look at one of my absolute favorite Synchro based archetypes: the famous Yang Zing archetype! The Yang Zing deck is an excellent first choice for any Synchro Summon user and is excellent for Synchro plays of all kinds and great for Synchro Climbing! The variety of combos and plays and strategies you can make with this deck are countless and you can use almost any Synchro monsters you want! There are numerous other ways you can build this deck and this can be easily converted into a Link Format deck by adding in a few different Link Monsters such as Decode Talker and Firewall Dragon! I highly recommend you guys try your luck with this deck cuz it’s loads of fun! So as always, grab some friends, grab some snacks and let’s go!

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April 21, 2020

Just wanted to clarify, you can pull out any yang zing as long as its not the same one if it's destroyed. The stats don't have to be the opposites, it'll summon any yang zing in defense if the destroyed one had 0 defense, and it'll summon any yang zing in attack if it had zero attack.



April 21, 2020

Really good video, keep up the good work, I have subscribed to your channel as I think you deserve it, I can tell you are trying to get more views. I would love it if you could check my channel out too. great work and keep uploading


Champion DarkBlaze!

April 21, 2020

Heeeyyy Duel Champions!
QTOD: What's your fav Synchro based deck?! Is it Crystrons?! Yang Zing?! Synchrons?! Be sure to share your thoughts and opinions down below!
And what did you guys think of the build itself?! Will run well?! Does it have problems?! How would you fix it?! Would you use it?! Share your thoughts down below! As always, I'll catch ya guys later! 😉


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