Alison and Paul struggle to understand the full implications of Joe’s communication problems.

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Dramatic, thought-provoking and lighthearted, THE A WORD captures an authentic portrait of a contemporary family after their young son is diagnosed with autism. The series tracks the lives of 5-year-old Joe (Max Vento); Joe’s parents, Paul (Lee Ingleby, Our Zoo, Inspector George Gently) and Alison (Morven Christie, Grantchester), who struggle with parenting philosophies; his aunt and uncle, Nicola (Vinette Robinson, Sherlock) and Steve (Greg McHugh, Fresh Meat), who are working through unfaithfulness in their marriage; and his grandfather, Maurice (Chris Eccleston, The Leftovers, Fortitude), a recent widower and the owner of the family brewery.

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February 20, 2020

Such a hard moment 😫



February 20, 2020

The mother is a bitch. She does not understand what Autism is and how it effects people. I am a special needs kid but I don't have a diagnosis of Autism (I have characteristics but not the full diagnosis) and I go school with kids who have Autism and they are no different than anyone else just like me. We are human beings but we are just a little different.


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