What is the best place for an internal service design team so that it can bring the most value to the organisation? A question which is becoming more and more important. Even if you’re with an agency or freelancing. Because knowing where service design fits into the organisational structure allows you to help your clients more effectively.

Judy Mellett leads an internal team at Telus. In this episode we talk about the benefits and the downsides of being close to the day to day operation. And whether it helps to be at a distance in a stragic role.

Futhermore Judy shares her experience in tackling a massive challenge using service design: Improve the educational system in british columbia Canada. If you’re interested to learn more about that check out the talk Judy gave at the Service Design Network Global Conference 2019. You’ll find links to that presentation down below.

Finally we explore how far and wide service design (and / or design thinking) can reach. Which challenges should we address next as a community? And which challenges should we stay away from?

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02:45 – The first encounter with Service Design.
09:30 – Why should we enable and invest in educating the next generation thinkers about the design thinking processes, philosophy and mindset?
18:30 – What are the benefits and tractions of a design team that is embedded?
34:50 – How far and wide can design thinking be applied?
43:30 – Big question: Where do you see design?

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SDGC19 | Judy Mellett & Eleanor Liddy: Designing for Public Education

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May 16, 2020

Very informative! Excellent video.


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