Lecture by Michael Hutchison, Vector, at the 4th Vector Automotive Ethernet Symposiums on April 2nd, 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany

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In Automotive Ethernet networks, Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) is used for different tasks. One is time synchronization which can be realized by a common time base for all network elements. A second task is to schedule and prioritize traffic e.g. via queuing and shaping. The latter could be realized by VLAN Priority, Time Aware Shaper, Credit Based Shaper, MSRP, IEEE 802.1Q, and so on.

Mr. Hutchison starts his presentation with describing the challenges of analyzing and testing the communication on traditional networks without TSN. He lists various IEEE standards which are related to TSN and he goes on with explaining the tool implications for time synchronization. Some detailed information about queueing and shaping follows. Using an example network, he explains different types of connections and their impact on time synchronization.

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