Some USB chips cannot be read by the BIOS make sure you use a good USB or one that you know works
I had to make an ISO file and use Windows 7 USB tool to put it on a USB stick so that the bios could read it with no problems whatsoever, then it installs it just like it’s reading it from a DVD
the sd card i 1st installed onto from the windows media creation tool was the samsung 16G msd
and the bios could not read it all, so i get the missing driver crap
the 2nd sd was the Lexar 600x 32G card that i ran the windows media creation tool to make a USB,
that got me in so i could put the key in and set up drives but half way i get an error and the windows install stops
so i had to go back to windows media creation tool and this time ask it to make an iso file
then i used win7 usb tool to make a iso usb
when you have your win10 iso, run the win7 usb tool and then browes files to find win10 iso
the chooes you USB stick and install
i found the win7 usb tool when i down loaded win8 so i the usb tool with win 8 and that worked
so then i try it with win 10 and it works
i put the ISO USB in my laptop and boot from usb,,,,,,,,,,, Windows installs with no probs 🙂

Win7 USB Tool link ……. win10 media creation tool link


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Sever Alexandru

February 12, 2020

I solved this problem like this 🙂 i searched in my collection of old dvd's, found it an 2016 win 10, put it on external dvd writer and baaaaaaam. Problem solved. :)))))



February 12, 2020

links in description


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